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Our innovations have enabled us to develop from a start-up to an established company

Our innovations have enabled us to develop from a start-up to an established company

Company and locations

Member of the ABL-TECHNIC Group

Numerous enterprises require a reliable supply of clean air for their production and work areas. This was the reason why our parent company, ABL-TECHNIC, founded AIRTEC Filtermanagement GmbH in 2003. What is special about AIRTEC’s cleanroom qualification and filter management is that it offers all the services needed for operating, monitoring, maintaining, certifying and optimising ventilation systems. What is more, AIRTEC is not tied to any specific filter supplier and can therefore make considerable improvements to filter deployment.

All-round competence

AIRTEC has far-reaching experience in managing large and complex cleanroom, ventilation and air conditioning systems for customers from the paint coating, pharma or automotive industries.

Innovative spirit

Our filter management – which is not tied to any specific supplier – is a highly efficient service. Being awarded the WIR Innovation Prize 2009/2010 for brand-independent filter management as a complete solution confirms this. AIRTEC optimises ventilation systems for more performance, higher air quality and lower energy costs on a sustainable basis.

High flexibility and availability

AIRTEC fulfils the requirements for a great variety of ventilation systems and areas of application. Our service employees work very flexibly: maintenance tasks are carried out at times when operations will not be disturbed – regardless of the hour or the day.

AIRTEC locations

AIRTEC is growing steadily and is currently based in the following locations:

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